Megamix is the opposite of the ingenious product. The series of ceramic vessels use preexisting resources, production methods, and a randomized process to question the relevance of design „from scratch“.
Based upon the ideas of remixing and sampling in contemporary music, Megamix uses available designs and production methods, to compose something new. This design approach uses three ordinary vases from the discounter, their industrial molds, and glazes. The idea is simple: Cutting the two-sided plaster molds into four results in various new building blocks; Sufficient to assemble as many as 1,140,480 distinct compositions. A random generator chooses the shapes, stacking, and glazing of the new „mixes“.
Megamix showcases the opportunities that we miss if we always start from zero in the form-finding process. It exposes the misbelieve that good design arises from the brushstroke of a genius. Instead, Megamix demonstrates the endless abundance of resources from our discounters next door, if we are ready to help ourselves.

Photos by Werkstätte digitale Fotografie / die Angewandte